Park Clean-up

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Park CleanUp ShoppingCartIt is that time of year again. The Taylor Run Citizens' Association needs your help with Angel Park, Chinquapin Park, and our smallest area park at 701 Upland Place. We really hope you can find a weekend that you can help.  This is a great program that helps keep our neighborhood parks clean and is very important to the Taylor Run Citizens' Association as this is one of the ways our association makes revenue. We have contracted with the city to support our community by cleaning Angel Park, Chinquapin Park and 701 Upland. In return, the association receives revenue for our clean up efforts, which goes toward supporting our neighborhood and community.  

Our Responsibility:

From April 1 through November 30th volunteers tour their assigned park to pick up any trash (glass, cans, bottles, paper, etc.) from the weekend’s events and dispose of it properly in a park trash can. It is best to bring along a large trash bag and some gloves. Also, it is also best to do this late in the day on Sunday (around 6:00 pm) so that visitors to the park later in the day don't leave trash after you have already cleaned up.  City Action: On Monday mornings, the city will conduct inspections to ensure that we have fulfilled our maintenance obligations. We are rated on our performance and our payment is based upon this rating.

Angel Park: The territory to be patrolled is bordered on the north by Taylor Run Creek, on the South by the resident on West Taylor Run Parkway , on the east by Taylor Run Creek and on the West by the gutter of West Taylor Run Parkway (the street). This includes the playground, ball court and ball field.

Chinquapin Park: The territory to be patrolled is bordered on the north by the bike trail and the community center, on the south by the gutter on Chinquapin Drive, on the east by the gutter on Chinquapin Drive and on the west by the gutter on Chinquapin Drive. Basically, the inside circle of land inside Chinquapin Drive . Also, include the picnic pavilion and the playground area.

If you are interested or know of other individuals or groups who may be able to help keep our community clean, please contact Whitney Patton (