Upland Place Project

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701 Upland Place

Taylor Run Citizens’ Association (TRCA) is proud to report that the neighborhood clean-up project at 701 Upland Place is underway and going strong. In 2010 TRCA, along with a group of neighbors, embarked upon a beautification and enhancement project at 701 Upland Place, an empty and overgrown lot owned by the City of Alexandria. The goals of the project are to beautify our neighborhood, foster relationships, and potentially increase property values by eliminating an eyesore and establishing a safe, clean place for our George Washington Park toddlers to play and for neighbors to meet.

TRCA organized the first clean-up of the empty lot and were joined by two dozen neighbors, the City Horticulture team, the Department of Parks and Recreation and our generous neighbor Wade Cutter’s landscaping team. Everyone, including Cutter Landscapes, donated their time, tools, trucks and energy to trim trees, pick up garbage, remove non-native species, cut encroaching ivy and make the property a safe, clean place for our children to play and for neighbors to meet.

Once the plot of land was cleaned, TRCA worked hard to incorporate the needs and desires of the neighborhood to turn the lot into a thing of beauty and safety for all to enjoy. We want to continue the momentum, keep improving our neighborhood all while remaining mindful of the privacy and safety concerns of the neighbors adjacent to the property.

Last year Girl Scout Troop #4143 and our neighbors, under the guidance of troop leader Gretchen Steenstra, completed the initial phase of their project consisting of ground preparation and planting of a variety of hearty plants that will survive each season’s extreme weather. The troop plans to maintain the garden throughout the year and to expand the planting in the spring. The “pollination garden” is designed to attract bees, butterflies, bats and other threaten species that help to grow healthy plans.

Please contact Lisa Scanlon at lisa@thebeyergroup.com or 703-899-4121 if you have any questions about this project, to make donations or if you would like to be added to the TRCA mailing list. We hope you can join us.